Micro Provider

Joining Wivey Cares as a microprovider has been a good way to find a job caring for someone living locally, which is exactly the sort of position I was looking for. I am now caring for an individual who I hope to build a long term relationship with, and giving her husband some respite time.

R G, Micro-Provider

Join the Wivey Cares Micro-Provider Network!


Micro-Providers are self-employed individuals who offer their services directly to clients, rather than doing so through an agency or equivalent.

To qualify for network membership you, your enterprise and its activity should meet the following criteria:

  • Live within Wiveliscombe and the 10 Parishes area
  • Be self-employed or run a limited company, venture or group

Your enterprise must:

  • Be well run and sustainable
  • Offer services or support that help people improve their health or well-being and/or are defined as social care
  • Offer services or support to people who live Wiveliscombe and the 10 Parishes area
  • Be totally independent of a larger or parent organisation

Please download the Network Code of Conduct for an in-depth description of what we expect from a micro-provider.

If you have any queries, please e-mail Valeria or give her a call on 07508 331661. We can provide you with advice and resources that help you meet the requirements listed in the Code of Conduct, especially if you are new to self-employment.

Network members will have the opportunity to meet regularly to offer each other support.